This post contains the dividends I have received in October 2018. To see the full dividend history of my portfolio go to Dividends – 100.000 by 2035.

Dividends received (DKK 660,20):

  1. SMU.UN 86,32
  2. EPR Properties 67,21
  3. PRV.UN 39,03
  4. O 22,75
  5. TRYG 247,50
  6. PPG 73,50
  7. IRM 82,99
  8. KO 25,12
  9. VER 8,89
  10. CPB 6,89

Current state of reaching goal (90%)

So far I have received DKK 15.196 in 2018, compared to oct-2017 where I had received 7.803. that’s an increase of 96%!!

My goal is to have received DKK 16.873 in total, when the year has ended. So currently I have reached 90% of my goal.

I am on track to achieve this goal, but just barely. My current expected dividends do not cover the needed increase in dividends, so I need to buy more stock, that payout in november or december, if I want to achieve my goal for 2018. Nonetheless, I will be very close to achieving my goal, and that is acceptable to me.