In June 2018 I changed the goal of my portofolio to focus on passive income by increasing yearly dividend payout. My goal is to reach a yearly dividend payout of 100.000 DKK by 2035. Monthly updates with new numbers will be posted, so that you can see how far I have come in reaching my goal.

I have calculated, that I will need to add 5.000 DKK each month, if I want to reach 100.000 in dividends by 2035. The calculation is based on an average 3,5% payout in dividends and an increase in stockvalue by 3% yearly. Current tax on dividends where I live is 27%, so the added effect from reinvesting the dividends is reduced by 27% of payouts.

Currently my yearly dividends from investments are as shown below.

Accumulated dividends monthly:

These charts show the accumulated dividends I have received yearly and totally since the start of my portfolio.

Dividends month by month:

This chart shows which months I have received the dividends. Since I want to have a steady passive income evenly distributed over all months of the year, this chart helps me visualize which months I need to focus on.

Dividends by month & company:

This chart shows which months the companies, I have invested in, has made payouts in the current year.
Letter in parentheses: M = Monthly, Q = Quarterly, S = Semiannually, A = Annually