SenzeGen AB

Who is SenzaGen (SENZA:ST)

SenzaGen AB is developing in vitro tests for classification of skin and respiratory sensitizers and their potency. SenzaGen has developed a technology platform called GARD (Genomic Allergen Rapid Detection). The GARD technology platform was developed in Lund University with support by the EU program Sens-it-iv during 2005-2010, under supervision by Prof. Malin Lindstedt. SenzaGen AB was incorporated in Sweden in 2010 and went into commercial operations in 2014. SenzaGen Inc was incorporated in California in 2016.

In vitro (Latin: Within glass) means that the tests can be conducted in test tubes, instead of In vivo (Latin: Within life) where test are conducted with living animals


SenzaGen currently has 3 finished products undergoing testing and 2 in the pipeline

Finished products:

  • GARDskin – Animal free allergy test for classification of skin sensitizers with outstanding accuracy. Sufficient for stand alone hazard identification.
  • GARDpotency – Animal free test for CLP potency classification of skin sensitizers. Add-on to GARDskin.
  • GARDair – Developmental project for industrial adaptation under EU Horizon 2020. Animal free test for classification of respiratory chemical sensitizers.

Pipeline products:

  • GARDprotein – Test under development for classification of protein sensitizers using the GARD platform with the support from several partner research institutes.
  • GARDmixtures – Refinement of GARD SOPs and complementary extraction protocols to allow for assessment of complex formulations and Medical Devices.


Why buy SenzaGen

SenzaGen was heavily oversubscribed with the IPO and on the first day of trading, SenzaGen was up 100%, so it has proven to be a popular new stock. But why is SenzaGen worth betting on?

The European Commission has since 2013 banned use of animal testing and marketing of animal tested cosmetic products and cosmetic ingredients, and I believe that more areas might see the same regulations in the future.

Since SenzaGen is focused on making in vitro based test, their products are in correlation with the direction of the regulators.

SenzaGen also claim that their tests are more accurate than animal testing, and if this is true, it can only be a matter of time before the market and demand for these tests will be of a significant size.

The market for healthcare has also shown to be very profitable for investors, if they get in early and hit the right stocks, gains of several orders of magnitude can be expected.

So if everythings goes as planned Senzagen might soon take off – again.


My position

I have recently bought a small position in SenzaGen with a long-term horizon of 5-10 years, hopefully it will turn to profit.

Happy trading, Daniel Hammer